“Time is Not On Our Side”

Issue #8

The glitch ridden pursuit of the infected wanderer from the Great Depression’s hobo jungles continues on a crowded Venice Beach boardwalk. Meanwhile, the intrigues within the Celestial Bureaucracy and the future continue! (Get Issue #1 for free)

Issue #7

The crew of the Venice Beach substation are given a difficult new assignment: stop a dangerous hobo from the Great Depression from infecting a future historical figure with his killer virus on the crowded Boardwalk…all while their equipment is suffering from unusual technical glitches. (Get Issue #1 for free)

Issue #6

While the crew of the Time Corps’ Venice Beach sub-station concludes its pursuit of the two Chumash teenage girls from 1782 Los Angeles, intrigues continue apace both in Peter Piernitowski’s time and at the headquarters of the Celestial Bureaucracy. (Get Issue #1 for free)

Issue #5

The Venice Beach substation crew of the Time Corps have a new assignment, chase down two teenage Chumash girls from 1782 Los Angeles. Meanwhile, plots continue to proceed in both Celestial Bureaucracy headquarters and against Peter Piernitowski. (Get Issue #1 for free)

Issue #4

A fully equipped Spartan hoplite is rampaging through Hollywood! Can the rookie crew from the Time Corps Venice Beach sub-station capture him? Meanwhile, intrigues continue. (Get Issue #1 for free)

Issue #3

The inexperienced team at the Venice Beach sub-station barely have to rest when they are given another assignment, chase down a Spartan hoplite in full battle array loose on Hollywood Boulevard! (Get Issue #1 for free)

Issue #2

The hastily assembled new team members of the Venice Beach sub-station are sent on their first assignment against the Crops most deadly foe. Can they stop an opponent determined to change history itself?

Issue #1

If you are not good enough for Heaven, or bad enough for Hell, where do you go? The Time Corps is where those undetermind souls go before their final destination, and their new job will be to help preserve the Time Line!

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