“Nothing Personal – It’s Just Evolution”™

E.I. is a science fiction ensemble story that takes place in the very near future. Using various classic story elements from traditional science fiction combined with the creator’s college major of Anthropology and the conditions of today’s world, he has created a comic that is both timely and timeless.The comic can best be described as Dr. Doolittle with a military application versus a mafia operation from outer space that is there to ruthlessly plunder the Earth. This mafia operation happens to hail from the most advanced race in the Milky Way galaxy, the Kazoops. The Kazoops dominate the center of the Milky Way and are a race of hyper-advanced insects with a particular disdain for mammals. Can Earth’s mammals overcome their differences in order to survive is the central struggle of E.I. Read and find out!

Maria Berenyi
Had just completed her PHD in Entomology and was set to become an assistant professor in the subject. She drafted into government service due to her specialty, insects, and was soon working on top secret research against the Kazoops. She is appointed as the government supervisor of the human / animal project and becomes the main liaison with Grzzt. Herbert was just another spoiled dachshund until the Grzzt universal communications chip came into the picture.

Nina Chung
The put-upon oldest daughter of an immigrant Korean family. She joined the Home Guard despite her parent’s wishes, and has become more assertive as a result of service, leading to tension at home. Sun-Tzu is a Bengal Tiger with an alpha personality who chose Nina as his partner & has pretty much taken over the Chung household.

Martha Cortez
Born in East LA to a teenage mother who got knocked up by a gang banger. Martha’s childhood was deprived, as her father spent most of it in jail, while her mother became a junkie. Martha had fallen into that pattern as well, becoming the teenage parent to twin boys. Her life changed when the Kazoops killed her boys and Martha enlisted in the Home Guard for revenge. Che is her doberman pinscher.

Pepe Gomez
A skate rat from the wrong side of the tracks in Riverside, CA. Unlike most of the guys from his block, he went to college and graduated. During his college days, he was the chapter president of his fraternity and helped initiate his future squad mate, Nate Josephson. They are friends to this day. Pepe had settled into an office serf existence long separated from his ‘hood when the Kazoops invaded. Willy had been living at the edge of the Los Angeles Zoo (easier opportunities for scavenging) when he was spotted shadowing the special squad. He was offered membership and accepted. Willy is having a hard time adjusting to living as a domesticated canine though.

Pamela Greenberg
A Beverly Hills JAP (Jewish American Princess) who had just become engaged to be married to a Jewish doctor (thrilling her parents). During their wedding reception, a Kazoop ship strafed their party and her new husband was killed. While her parents and in-laws mourned, Pamela joined the Home Guard. Her cat Cleopatra was a spoiled Siamese before the Kazoop invasion, who has now become quite adept at sneaking around and surprising prey.

Nate Josephson
A college graduate working in a cubicle when the Kazoop invasion began. He joined the Home Guard, patrolling his area with his dog, Chopper. He was leading the patrol that came upon the alien defector, Grzzt.

Kevin Keene
An actor who’s career was poised to take off when the Kazoops attacked (he was filming the pilot of his first TV show). Kevin had come to Hollywood from a small Iowa farm town, leaving behind his high school sweetheart, Carol Anne. Kevin has cut quite a swath through his female co-stars. His ferrets had been given to him in lieu of pay when he did an equity waiver play and are constantly looking for something to eat

Darryl Washington
A promising college football player when the alien invasion happened. Darryl’s plan to go pro and get his grandparents out of the project they live in went by the wayside as he enlisted in the Home Guard. Leon was in the LA Zoo when he recruited to be part of the first mixed squadron to fight against the invaders. Leon has a carefree attitude and enjoys hunting and killing enemies and prey.

Betty Pierce
A scion of a WASP East coast old money family. She was a legacy member of the same sorority as Maria Berenyi and Elektra Patzakis, and despised both of them. After completing her studies, she went to work for her family’s hedge fund, and in time, came to be in charge of it. Amongst the many holdings of the Pierce family hedge fund is the Truth Corporation, the broadcast home of Sean Sullivan.

Elektra Patzakis
A powerful intelligence official whom relishes wielding power and has a knack for leveraging people’s dirty laundry. She was chapter president of the sorority that both Maria Berenyi and Betty Pierce were members of. She has no problem manipulating and coercing others to get what she wants, including satisfying her desires.

Sean Sullivan
Came from a family of Irish Travelers grifters who became a rich and powerful television preacher. Aiding Sullivan is his former cellmate, Martin Hellman, and a Kazoop Psy-Ops bug who facilitated Sean’s rise to prominence.

A bio-engineered technical worker bug from the Kazoop dominion. He was shanghaied on to the pirate’s mother ship to head its’ maintenance department. Grzzt is trying to balance competing concerns: defeating the criminal syndicate that kidnapped him while making sure all those who share his DNA in the Kazoop dominion do not suffer for his acts of “technological contamination.”

Martin Hellman
The aide-de-camp of Sean Sullivan, and has worked with him since the two were cellmates in Texas. Hellman is wary of the Psy-Ops bug inhabiting Sullivan’s skull, but keeps his concerns to himself.