“Time is Not on our Side”

Time Corps is an edgy multi-layered science fiction fantasy adventure epic that spans the length and breadth of the human experience. Combining sophisticated European Bande-dessinee sensibility with American comics energy, Time Corps is at once 21st Century and a timeless classic.Time Corps focuses on the adventures of four different agents, supervised by an ambitious bureaucrat! Opposing them is a determined antagonist who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.


Formerly a Roman cavalry centurion during the Second Punic War, his unit is given the punishment of decimation for cowardice in battle…and he drew a short straw. As a Time Corps agent, Brutus is the chief of the Time Corps Venice Beach sub-station.

Formerly the butler of a silent screen star who saw too much and was murdered to keep him silent, Cho is Prunella Jones’ laconic and unfazed assistant whom does his job quietly and efficiently.

Formerly a gigolo working the speakeasies of Prohibition era Chicago, DiLivorno was killed by Al Capone on an old vendetta (he had gotten the daughter of a Camorra don pregnant). He is one of the new agents assigned to the Piernitowski matter.

Formerly a Hong Kong gangster moll who threw one tantrum too many in front a rival of her boyfriend, Hsu is now the Sector Chief of the Time Line Continuity Department of the Celestial Bureaucracy. Ambitious and ruthless, she is always looking to advance.

Smoke Jaguar was a Mayan ball player. His team had lost an important ceremonial match, and as a result of his being the team captain, was ritually sacrificed. He was recruited by the Time Corps for his physical skills and is quietly determined to be reunited with his family.

Formerly a California Department of Motor Vehicles head clerk who was shot to death when a frustrated customer went berserk and pulled a Kalashnikov. Assigned to the Time Line Continuity Department as a Case Officer, she is the direct supervisor responsible for the Time Corps Venice Beach sub-station.

Vice President of the Time Line Department of the Celestial Bureaucracy, Kronus is charged with maintaining the integrity of a time / space continuum that is fraying with inadequate resources and bureaucratic rivals eager to exploit any troubles in his fiefdom. He enjoys the perks of power and does not suffer fools gladly.

Formerly the second-in-command of a Medieval Benedictine monastery in England who succumbed to the Bubonic Plague, Maughn is the Assistant Sector Chief in charge of Case Officers in the Time Line Continuity Department of the Celestial Bureaucracy.

The Time Corps main antagonist, Piernitowski is determined to alter history, damaging the time line in the process, so that the love of his life will never die. Armed with exceptional intelligence and an almost unlimited bank roll, he is determined to accomplish his goals no matter what.

Paulina Popova was the eldest daughter of a Boyar family from Czarist Russia during the reign of Alexander I. She was enthralled by the ideas of the French Revolution until Napoleon’s Armies invaded and destroyed her family’s castle, raping and killing her friends in the process. She then became a spy for Russia, bedding a French general. She was recruited by the Time Corps due to her being beautiful, smart, and dangerous.

President of Med. Corp. whom tries to rein in the activities of Peter Piernitowski, though he is limited in what he can as Piernitowski knows all of the dirty secrets of the company (including Rand’s). Rand is a 12th generation corporate executive at Med. Corp. who is under enormous family pressure not to “loose control of the family legacy.”