If you are not good enough for Heaven, or bad enough for Hell, where do you go? The Time Corps is where those undetermined souls go before their final destination ….and their new job will be to help preserve the Time Line.

Using real life situations as a backdrop, this historical fiction mini-series from Wunderman Comics re-interpolates A Rake’s Progress into 1981 Los Angeles. Playing hot and heavy with the celebrity culture of the era, this tragic tale shows the overwhelming dangers of getting everything you wish for.

E.I. is science fiction series that takes place in the very near future. When a mafia operation originating from the most advanced race in the Milky Way galaxy comes to Earth, the question is ….
Can we overcome our differences in order to survive the Earth Invasion?


The Mathematics of Magic – Take a trip back in time to the birth of a vampyr nation! Pythagoras is best known for geometry, but things add up differently in this alt-history thriller that starts a legacy of terror throughout centuries.

“The art is vibrant (particularly in the flashback scenes of the bugs invading various countries) and the material is well written”…..
Review in the Comics Buyer’s Guide

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