Wunderman Comics Update

Santa Monica, CA. – Wunderman Comics, in conjunction with Jade Tiger Productions, is pleased to announce the revamping of its’ web presence. The flag ship web site, www.wunderman-comics.com, will become the umbrella site for the various comic properties produced by Wunderman Comics. The Nate Wunderman created web comic formerly displaying onwww.wunderman-comics.com, E.I., will be one of three web comics available on the site. E.I. will also be available @www.earth-invasion.net. Also coming under the Wunderman Comics umbrella will be Nate Wunderman’s second web comic, Time Corps; as well as being available @ www.time-corps.com. Joining the Wunderman Comics web umbrella will be Nate Noggle’s Indestructible Will (available @www.indestructiblewill.com) online multi-media graphic novel, which is a Wunderman Comics co-production. E.I. is a science fiction themed epic that features mankind and talking animals teaming up to fight off pirate aliens out to commercially plunder the Earth. E.I. was recently reviewed the web comics column of The Comics Buyer’s Guide.

Time Corps is a time travel fantasy combining bureaucratic intrigues and raw emotion. It will be released in color next year. Indestructible Will is a co-production between Nate Noggle and Wunderman Comics utilizing ground breaking production methods and presented in as a multi-media online experience. In addition to their current projects, Wunderman Comics is currently working on future projects that will be as compelling and ground breaking as its’ prior work. Stay tuned!

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